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  • From ‘sex-based rights’ to ‘become ungovernable’: from supremacy to solidarity

    ‘The inclusion of men who claim to have a female ‘gender identity’ into the category of women in law, policies and practice constitutes discrimination against women by impairing the recognition of women’s sex-based human rights. Organizations that promote the concept of ‘gender identity’ challenge the right of women and girls to define themselves on the…

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  • Writing up your methodology

    Here are some suggestions on how the various sections of a dissertation methods chapter should be put together, expressed as question prompts for you to think about and respond to. This is not a definitive guide, and it does not replace careful reading on methodology and independent thought. You will need to cite academic literature to back…

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  • Writing your introduction and conclusion

    One of the most difficult things to do in drafting any piece of writing (but especially a thesis or dissertation) is the introduction and conclusion. Students often try to tackle the introduction first; I usually advise them to write both the introduction and conclusion last, because they both have a summative function. I also advise…

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