From white feminism to abolition: a work in progress

This is a keynote I recently gave at a workshop on abolition feminism by the amazing Read and Resist and Abolitionist Futures – reblogging it here from their site. They have also posted a YouTube video of the talk.

Read and Resist!

Abolition Feminism keynote – Alison Phipps

I am not an organiser – I am a teacher, a scholar and a survivor. I have been an activist, but in circles very different to these. I came to abolition from the heart of white feminism – the movement against campus sexual violence in the UK. This was powered by extremely angry white feminists, although some of the key student leaders were women of colour (I want to mention Susuana Amoah here, who I worked closely with for many years). From 2006 to 2018 I was heavily involved in the fight to influence mainstream policy and practice. I supported the National Union of Students with the firstnational surveyof violence against women students. I co-authored theNUS reporton ‘lad culture’ and joined the subsequent task force. I sat down with pseudo-government bodies such as the Equality Challenge Unit and Universities UK…

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