Resources for lecturers

Feminism 101

These lectures offer an introduction to feminist theory and politics. They cover four substantive topics: (De)constructing gender; Universalism and Intersectionality; (Re)producing gender; and Gender, Power and Violence. There is also a fifth lecture on How to Write an Essay. The lectures are all available as Prezis to download, adapt and use – access them here.

Gender Theory Syllabus

This is a thirteen-week syllabus on different aspects of gender and feminist theory, for upper-undergraduate and postgraduate students. It contains key and suggested readings and suggested preparation tasks and seminar activities. It can be downloaded in final format as a PDF here, and you can also download it as a Word document (if you wish to edit it yourself) here.

Principles for a feminist classroom

This is an infographic containing a set of six principles I use in my Gender Studies classroom. The aim of this framework is to create trust and a ‘safer’ space for discussing difficult and contentious issues, so we can hear each other openly and with empathy and understanding. No topic is off the table in my classroom, but we do engage in discussions with attention paid to power relations and how ideas and opinions are expressed and experienced. Text for text readers can be accessed here.

Dissertation Resources

Fellow lecturers may also want to look at some of the material on my ‘resources for researchers‘ page, as it contains materials you may want to use with your dissertation students. These include downloadable infographics on ‘getting through your dissertation’ and academic writing, alongside other things.