Resources for activists

Abolition Feminism for Ending Sexual Violence

This collective was recently set up by myself and my Newcastle University Colleagues Dr Nikki Godden-Rasul and Dr Tina Sikka. It aims to aims to bring together scholars, activists, practitioners and artists across the UK and overseas who are interested in abolition feminism and ending sexual violence. Our key principles are described here and we are currently operating via an email list – you can make a subscription request here.  

Refusing reform – workshop resource

This resource was created from a session I co-facilitated with Mia Liyanage at the ‘Silence will not protect us’ symposium at Oxford University in February 2022. The session explored how we can reject the bureaucratic heuristic of reform — in other words, incremental change to policies intended to protect universities, not people – and aspire to new agendas for transformation. The resource contains key questions to reflect on, extracts from important and useful texts, and links to further helpful material. It can be used to create your own workshop discussions or simply as background material or food for thought. Access it here.

Gender, Violence and Social Change – reading list

This is a reading list I use with my upper-undergraduate and postgraduate students. It helps them explore the social and structural causes of gender-based violence and engages them in conversations about how initiatives to end gender-based violence can dismantle oppressive systems rather than strengthening them. It could be used for a reading group – the resource consists of a reading list, discussion prompts and multimedia links. It can be downloaded as a PDF here and as a Word document here. If you do run a reading group with this material and would like me to come and facilitate a session with you, just contact me.

Me, Not You – video lecture

In this 40-minute video lecture I introduce the arguments of my book Me, Not You: the trouble with mainstream feminism in an accessible way. Please use it in any way you wish for political education purposes!

Six questions for white feminists

My book Me, Not You ends with six questions for fellow white feminists, for us to ask ourselves about our politics to try to evolve it in a more transformative direction. They are intended to help form and frame alternative forms of political action. I have summarised these on an infographic/screensaver/wallpaper which can be downloaded here.

Tackling sexual harassment and violence in universities: seven lessons from the UK

This is the text of an online keynote I gave, hosted by the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California and the Freie Universität Berlin, on February 5th 2021. I thought it would be useful if I tried to distil what I have learned over the past fifteen years of activism around sexual violence in universities, for fellow scholars, activists and organisers in other contexts and countries. Read the text here (there is also an accompanying infographic/screensaver/wallpaper to download). 

Intersectional training guidance

In 2019, with Vanita Sundaram, Erin Shannon, and Tiffany Page, I developed a guide for disclosure and bystander intervention training facilitators, to make their training more intersectional. This includes an explanation of intersectionality and various ideas for how it can be applied, including suggested activities. It can be downloaded here.

Disclosure training models and resources

Between 2016 and 2018 I co-led (with Dr Pam Alldred at Brunel) the Universities Supporting Victims of Sexual Violence project, a major pan-European intervention involving 21 institutions in six different countries. The project developed nine different models of disclosure or ‘first response’ training for university staff, and piloted and evaluated each of them. We trained 1248 staff in total. The training models and resources are all available free on our website for anyone to download and use, together with reports on the various training programmes and the overall project report.

Archive: educational workshop

In 2014, together with Elsie Whittington and funded by an ESRC Impact Acceleration Grant, I developed a workshop targeted at university managers, staff and students, on sexual harassment and violence in the HE sector. The session was based around a Prezi which could be downloaded and adapted, and there was also an information sheet for participants and timeline/structure for facilitators. The workshop was delivered at Bath, De Montfort, Roehampton, Sussex, Leicester, Hull, York, Northumbria and UCL. This material is now out of date, but you are welcome to download and adapt the Prezi and information sheet, and use my framework, if you would like to create your own, updated workshop session.

All my resources are free to download, adapt and use – and please share onwards as you wish. They are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.